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16 months old and we have only reach 53 books. I definitely aimed higher than this when we initially started our journey to read 1000 books before Kindergarten. I have a lot of excuses why we have not, which mostly has to do with our reading experience. My daughter does not like to sit on your lap and just read a book. So i had to be creative and find which way works best for us and that was my challenge. Some nights, I just didn’t want to take up the challenge so this is why we have only reached 53 books.

Luckily, we are far from Kindergarten. I have years to work on this so I will keep trying. We own less than 15 books so we visit the library at least twice per month to get a new group of books to read. I also hope that the new books will get her excited about what’s inside.

I will definitely keep you updated.

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