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A Possible Future Olympian?

As I watched The Winter Olympics, I couldn’t help but wonder if my baby could be a future Olympian. Seems like every year, I get more and more captivated by the Olympics and especially the athletes. But this year, now with my daughter, I am simply amazed at the entire event.

To draw you into the Olympics, there are background stories of the most hopeful to win each sport. Some of the athletics started when they were as young as 5 years old. Their parents saw signs of their talent and thats where their athletic adventure began.

My daughter is only 16 months old so I wonder if she could be showing early signs of olympic sport.

1. She would rather run then walk: TRACK AND FIELD
2. She enjoys jumping: GYMNASTICS
3. She likes to slide off of the couch: LUGE

I guess its too soon to tell what athletic talent she may have. But I will definitely keep a look out for this possible future Olympian.

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