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Dallas Playdate :: REVIEW

This Saturday, we visited the Dallas Playdate at the Youth Discovery Center at the Dallas Library downtown. This is the first time we have ever visited this library so it was nice to visit another branch. The event has a very creative Passport that parents and kids take to 5 different stations. I learned so much about Talking, Singing, Reading, Writing and Playing with my daughter.


Who did you go with?
We made a playdate out of it (since thats the name of the event) and invited a friend from the mommy mixer i attend.

What did you bring?
I overpacked (of course) by bringing the stroller, snacks, books I needed to return to the library and her diaper bag with all its contents. Next time I will leave the stroller and the books, then reduce the diaper bag contents. We were literally parked across the street so if we did forget anything, we could easily get to it.

When did you arrive?
We arrived just after the library opened at 10:00 AM CT

Where did you park?
When I first learned about the event, my initial thought was… “ugh, parallel parking” and I was actually hesitant to attend. After a few minutes of googling the location, I surprisingly discovered there was non parallel parking right next door to the library.

Why did you attend?
A new experience is why i typically attend any event.

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