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Her Diaper Bag Contents Revealed

Having a diaper bag travel along WITH your baby is essential at the beginning. You don’t know your little one so you want to try to be prepared for those unplanned moments. Every baby’s diaper bag is different. It like a trial and error run at the beginning. If something unexpected happens while you are away from home and you wish you had a certain item on hand, then your diaper bag contents change according.

Below are contents of her diaper bag when she was born:
1. 10 diapers
2. Changing Pad
3. Wipes
4. Diaper Creme
5. 5 Clean Bibs
6. 5 Similac Ready to feed bottles
7. 2 Swaddle Blankets
8. Tylenol
9. Change of clothes
10. Lotion
11. A toy

I found this to be a great start. At 10 months old now, her diaper bag has changed as she has changed. The diaper size has gone up and the number of bottles have gone down as she is beginning to eat solid foods. Other items I no longer carry because I do not have a need for them anymore.

I also must mention that we have never ventured more than 35 minutes away from home. We have a 4 hour flight coming up so our diaper bag contents will definitely change. So her diaper bag contents for our first flight coming soon.

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