Planning is important. Planning on a budget is essential. Always remember "The Early Bird gets the worm but the Mornin' Bee gets the honey".

Needs Vs. Wants When Buying For Your Child(ren)

Before my daughter was born I decided I NEEDED to get on a budget. Since I knew very little about babies, I was aware that I may not need something as much as the online reviews said I did.  She is now 10 months old and I am still KINDA on track. And after I purchased all the initial bulk items such as crib, stroller, car seat, clothing and bottles. Everything else (for now) seems to just be replenishing those items.

Each paycheck, a specific amount is transferred from my checking account to a FREE Bank of America (BOA) account. Let’s call it Lex’s account. BOA doesn’t offer Lex’s type of account anymore so I am thankful that I still have it. The deposited amount includes my childcare, formula, lingering medical bills (ugh), savings (which we will talk about in another article) and a little extra I call play money. With the play money, I purchase clothing, toys, diapers or wipes. Basically anything that you cant budget for is used as the play money portion. It forces to save some play money to purchase higher priced items. The best part of the account is that its a separate account. I can’t take out more than I have available. It makes me mentally conscience of what I get each week or each month which kinda makes thinks easy.

There will be times that I am not sure who’s account to use such as with her activities or our weekend outings. And when that happens, I just take turns. No fighting necessary. LOL. I know we are suppose to give our kids everything BUT I will not break the bank to do it! HA!

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