Planning is important. Planning on a budget is essential. Always remember "The Early Bird gets the worm but the Mornin' Bee gets the honey".


I am the type of person who doesn’t like to ask for help. I don’t even like accepting help when offered. Growing up, I constantly heard friends and family ask to borrow money, clothes, jewelry, etc. and I decided long ago that I would work very hard to never be in that position.

So now as a mom, I am finding it difficult to keep the same state of mind. My little one changes so much from day to day that not accepting used clothing or toys does not seem practical anymore. Things are getting more expensive than I planned so before it gets too out of control, I am going to accept assistance.

An ongoing Amazon “Wish List” has been created not only as a price comparison tool for me but also as an idea list for family and friends who want to help.

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