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Questions To Ask At Your 12 Month Appointment

As my daughter’s 12 month appointment approaches, I am starting to think about questions I should ask the pediatrician. After this appointment, our next appointment will be 6 months away (knock on wood). A lot of child development, physical and mental, will happen during that time and I want to TRY to be on top of things. Below are question that I will ask at our 12 month checkup:

1. Does my daughter HAVE to drink cow’s milk? If not, what is the appropriate substitute?
2. I notice my daughter stands very close to the television, does that mean she may have a vision problem?
3. How will I know if she is not getting a well balanced diet?
4. When will she stop putting items in her mouth?
5. My daughter has 4 teeth now, when should we have our first dentist appointment?
6. What additional information do you think I should know?

These questions are DEFINITELY child specific but I think after a year with the same pediatrician, you should feel comfortable asking even the most mundane questions. And just sitting and thinking about these questions made me reflex on this first year. I was fun and frustrating at times but I am so glad that I prepared as much as I did. So going forward I definitely feel that its best to be over prepared at as much as possible.

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